Our Certificates


Verifiable safety certificate code of animal feed and additives.Those are subjected to conformity assessment by considering quality and legal regulations in order to prevent inclusion of unsafe feed into food chain. This standard includes certain conditions for taking hazards under control before feed operations release feed to markets and for ensuring suitability of feed for consumption within the framework of rules related to feed traceability and hygiene. Feed operations and feed producers can receive FAMI QS Document / FAMI QS Certificate upon fulfilling these conditions.

Purpose of receiving FAMI QS certificate is to prevent feed that may cause risks from being included in food chain, and to provide inspection and certification in order to produce quality feed in accordance with legal liabilities.

Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/EC) includes fulfillment of hygiene and safety conditions as well as requirements for feed safety for special feed substances and their mixtures and the whole feed chain.

ISO 22000 :  

Published on September 2005, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is an international standard created in order to form a safe food production chain across the world. It is based on communication between suppliers, users, legal authorities, consumers and all relevant departments, and therefore ensuring traceability of safe food during each step.

This standard describes requirements for food safety management system which integrates elements which are generally identified as key elements in order to ensure food safety throughout the food chain until final consumption.

These requirements are;

-Interactive communication

-System management

-Preliminary requirement programs

HACCP principles

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) :

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) which can be implemented to small, medium and large scale organizations conducting activities in all kinds of industries ensures organizations to successfully work at systematical and internationally accepted standards in order to conduct all activities.Success of management is the most important factor for success of organization. A badly managed organization cannot maintain its existence in a healthy manner, regardless of its technical power. Good management is the key of success. An organization must be systematically and transparently managed and controlled in order to operate successfully. Success is based on implementation of a management system which is designed for continuous improvement of performance while dealing with requirements of relevant parties. ISO 9001 QMS is a tool required to provide customer satisfaction and profitability with its customer focused continuous improvement philosophy. Continuous improvement cycle and customer satisfaction is the focus based on legal conditions and customer requirements.