ZNO Chemistry supports its employees in terms of professional development, career planning and social benefits with its priority of “safe working conditions” starting from the first day of service, and provides them with opportunities for taking active parts in processes.

  • It considers following essential principles when fulfilling working conditions and objectives;
  • Conducting the activities for fulfilling company objectives by optimized number of personnel,
  • Ensuring selection and assignment of personnel with suitable qualifications for the task,
  • Ensuring suitable and safe working opportunities for the task being performed,
  • Providing opportunities to establish a working environment and social relations which increase power and will to work of personnel,
  • Providing the personnel with fair and equal possibilities in terms of working, improvement and development based on their skills,
  • Establishing a salary and personal rights system which allows having personnel available with sufficient number and qualifications required by the service and which encourages personnel to continue their work without losing interest and efficiency,
  • Taking measures that allow the personnel to work with cost awareness in accordance with efficiency and profitability principles.